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American Flag Patches

American Flag Patches Left Shoulder or Right Shoulder? Have you ever wondered why there are American Flag patches with the field of blue on the "wrong" side of the patch? That "wrong" side is actually right...for the right shoulder that is. When selecting American...

Know Your Craft

Come Visit SCC's Research Library! "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." ~ Socrates Want to know more about the costuming industry? Interested in historical dress? Committed to developing your skills? Have a passion for fashion? Mastering your craft...

How To Avoid Patch Glue Residue

Yuck! Patch Glue Residue! Patch glue is a nuisance to costumers. It causes residue or stains to adhere to costumes and results in permanent damage and replacement fees. SCC wants to help you avoid costly damage and needless stress when you're required to attach...

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