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(Spring) Cleaning Powers!

Spring is here... ...and that means time for spring CLEANING! The cleaning of costumes should always be done professionally or with care, but what happens when you have an emergency on set? How do you get that stain out of the actor's shirt before he's called to set?...

Celebrating Women’s History Month

 SCC Celebrates Women's History Month March 2019 This month SCC will honor women of history, women of film and costuming, and our beautiful vintage women's collection. The contributions women bestowed throughout history can be seen in all fields of study, and women's...

Shades of RED

Shades of RED Red is the most evocative color in the spectrum. Not only is it visually arresting, the color has strong physical effects such as elevated blood pressure, increased confidence, and higher levels of energy. Our ancestors saw red as the color of fire and...

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