Giving thanks

Compliments      to the Chef…

We Are Truly Grateful…

…for the culinary artists in our families, for world reknown chefs, and for diner cooks & waitresses. Thanksgiving is the time of year when families and friends gather together in celebration of giving thanks and sharing feasts.

Countdown to Thanksgiving








At SCC, we have everything to outfit your traditional spatula wielding grandma and your “burned the turkey again” dad, your head chefs and short order cooks, and your diner waitresses and high end waiters. This month we’ll share the details of each costume and some of the history behind the traditional garb along with recipes for you try at your Thanksgiving table this year. Be sure to follow us on our social media pages to see more!

How To “Compliment Your Chef” In Your Production

Many productions have scenes taking place in a kitchen, whether it’s a domestic kitchen, an industrial kitchen, or a cramped diner’s kitchen. Each location has a feel, or taste, and the cooks, chefs, and waitresses all contribute to the look of the setting.

Below are samples of what you can create from the stock at Southeast Costume. We house a collection of aprons, chef coats, chef hats, diner waitress dresses, dining jackets, and more. Compliment your chefs with the right garments for your production.

Domestic Kitchens

Thanksgiving celebrates the coming together of families and friends to share a meal. Many people share memories of their grandmothers and mothers wearing their favorite aprons while cooking up the yearly feast. Pinafore and tea aprons of the past have made way for less frilly bib or cobbler aprons. Novelty aprons such as “kiss the cook” are a favorite for dads to wear – especially while grilling. Here we have samples of domestic chef aprons available to rent.

Industrial Kitchens

Restaurant staff costumes can set the mood of the establishment. An award winning kitchen and wait staff would be dressed accordingly. An executive chef would don a double breasted jacket and a poplin chef hat as the one pictured above. Waiters and/or maitre d’s could possibly wear tuxedo shirts paired with a dinner jacket. These two costumes set the tone of an elaborate multiple course meal in a pleasing and detailed setting.

Diner Kitchens

Some of the best food you’ll ever eat comes out of the kitchens of down-home-cookin’, side of the road, truck driver servin’, diners, drive-ins, or dive bars. Complete with gum-poppin’ waitresses and short order cooks with short tempers, these establishments give off that country charm or crowded city vibe. Diner waitresses complete with filly headband & aprons take your order and the stained apron clad line cooks push it thru at lightning speed.

SCC’s 4th Annual Hand Turkey Contest!

It’s that time of year again! Southeast Costume is happy to announce it’s 4th annual Hand Turkey Contest! Take a break from all the hard work you put in on set and come to SCC for your chance to


All you have to do is come into the shop located at:
2333 Defoor Hills Road NW, Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30318
Draw your hand turkey – we’ll have all the supplies you need to do this!
Enter your drawing by filling out your nametag to attach to the back of your drawing and hang it on the wall.

That’s it! We will be accepting entries thru Tuesday, November 26th, 2019. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 2, 2019. The prize is a basket of kit supplies worth over $80!

Check out previous entries from the past 3 years below! We hope you’ll join us this year!