Green Costumes & Clothing

The Color People Literally Died For


Can you believe it’s March already?!

March is the month of St. Patrick’s Day and all things GREEN! It’s the perfect month to share the history of green colored clothing and costumes…a color that was as deadly as it was beautiful.

This month we’ll make you GREEN WITH ENVY as we showcase our best green colored costumes. All hues of green will be shown throughout the month on our social media platforms – be sure to follow us to see all of the amazing pieces we have!

On February 8, 1862, a British humor paper called Punch printed this cartoon which joked about people dying from the toxic arsenic laced green dye in clothing.

Before RIT Dye and other current brands of safe, non-toxic fabric dye, there was a green dye called Scheele’s Green. It’s toxic formula was AS2O3 – otherwise known as arsenic oxide (or arsenic for short). The Victorian Era developed a marvelously bright green colored dye – later known to be called Emerald Green – which was highly sought after. The new vibrant color was all the rage, and everyone was talking about how beautiful and how deadly it was.

Check out the link below for more details on this deadly green dye.


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