(Spring) Cleaning Powers!

Spring is here…

…and that means time for spring CLEANING!

The cleaning of costumes should always be done professionally or with care, but what happens when you have an emergency on set?

  • How do you get that stain out of the actor’s shirt before he’s called to set?
  • How do you refresh the armpits of a shirt or dress that is worn over and over?
  • How do you keep rental shoes healthy for multiple wears?

Never fear! SCC has great tips, tricks, and products to help resolve and prevent some of set life’s costume mishaps like those above:

  • Salad oil stain on a shirt? Try WHITE CHALK! Gently blot out as much of the oil as you can with a clean cloth then take crushed white chalk and gently rub into fresh stain. The chalk will absorb the oil and you can “lift” the stain out with a lint roller or if you have the time, wash out in cold water.
  • Yellowing armpits or lingering underarm odor? Try ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP! Bacteria is the culprit when it comes to discoloration and odor. Use antibacterial hand soap to eliminate those problems by gently rubbing into the problem areas and wash in cold water.
  • Multiple users in your rental shoes? Try END BAC! Stop the spread of foot fungus and odor with End Bac. Spray into shoes after each use to keep shoes fresh for the next user.

Quick fixes are always good to have in your kit, but it’s even better to have preventative solutions to stop the problem before it starts. Check out these products that are available for purchase in our supply store:

Do you have a go-to product that you must have in your kit? Do you have a cleaning trick that has saved you on set? TELL US! Share your tips and products on our FACEBOOK page or INSTAGRAM page. Be sure to follow us for tips, tricks, and products all this month!

American Flag Patches

American Flag Patches

Left Shoulder or Right Shoulder?

Have you ever wondered why there are American Flag patches with the field of blue on the “wrong” side of the patch? That “wrong” side is actually right…for the right shoulder that is.

When selecting American Flag patches, be sure you know which shoulder it goes on – don’t get caught with your actor on camera with the American Flag patch on the wrong sleeve!

American Flag patches with the field of blue on the left as shown below are to be placed on the LEFT shoulder of the garment.

American Flag patches with the field of blue on the right as shown below are to be placed on the RIGHT shoulder of the garment.

The American Flag appearing as backwards on the right shoulder gives the observer the impression that the flag is flowing back as the person who is wearing the flag is moving forward. When approved for wear, the American Flag replica is to be sewn 1/2 inch below the shoulder seam.

How To Avoid Patch Glue Residue

Yuck! Patch Glue Residue!

Patch glue is a nuisance to costumers. It causes residue or stains to adhere to costumes and results in permanent damage and replacement fees. SCC wants to help you avoid costly damage and needless stress when you’re required to attach patches to costumes. Read on for quick tips on how to attach patches correctly:

Patch glue is the thin layer of glue that manufactures add to the back of patches to help keep the embroidery thread from becoming loose, caught, or frayed after prolonged use. This layer of glue may also be used to permanently attach the patch to a garment, but in the film industry where costumes are interchangeable, and used for many purposes, there are solutions to avoid the damage.

PUT FACING ON THE BACK OF THE PATCH – Adding facing to the back of the patch makes the glue adhere to the facing instead of the garment the patch is being placed on. It requires only one application and the patch is ready to be used over and over again.

SEW ON BY HAND – Sewing your patches onto your garments will save you from having to use tapes or adhesives that could damage your costumes. We recommend hand sewing patches to garments. Hand sewing a patch to a costume allows wider stitches which aids in the removal of patches later. Machine sewing can permanently damage a garment if the stitches are to tight and hard to remove.

AVOID WASHING AND/OR DRYING COSTUMES WITH PATCHES STILL ATTACHED – Heat from the washer and dryer can cause the glue to become tacky and thus attaching itself to the shirt. This can be avoided if you remove patches before washing garments. However, because there is never enough time to attach and remove patches over and over again, you may refer to the first tip and add facing to the back of the patch before hand sewing your patches to your costumes. **Be mindful of new patches! Sometimes the thread color can bleed onto costumes during/after washing!**

BONUS TIP: Want to avoid additional labor fees? Be sure to remove all your patches from costumes before returning!